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Dun Darach, ZX Spectrum

Dun Darach is the 1985 sequel (actually prequel) to Tir Na Nog, written by Greg Follis and Roy Carter and again featuring the expressive Cuchulainn – the long-haired man who is not afraid to walk around with his shirt off…

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Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of Worlds, Amiga CD32

The sequel to the quirky Amiga adventure Heimdall, Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of Worlds was developed by The 8th Day and published by Core Design in 1994. In my opinion: it is more enjoyable than the first game, although not without its faults.

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Portal, PC

Portal is a legendary first-person puzzle/gravity game developed and published by Valve in 2007.

I say “gravity game” because Portal combines basic physics (acceleration, velocity, gravity, and inertia), with the ability to open up entry and exit portals, to create a game so beautifully simple-yet-complex that it is almost beyond belief…

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Portal 2, PC

Valve really outdid themselves with Portal 2. Following on from a game as brilliant as Portal, they knew it had to be good. And it is better than good. Portal 2 is incredible.

When you think you’re nearing the end of the game it opens up to be something else, and it does that a number of times. The variety and quality is unparalleled. The scale and 3D modelling of the props and environments are mind-blowing, and the thrills, spills, and laughs come thick and fast.

Portal 2 does give you some breathing space, though. And some time to take in the setting.

One of the best games ever made. Non-violent (well, kind of). Funny and clever and taxing.

A modern gaming masterpiece!

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