Bad Games Week

This week – something a little different… I’m only going to be featuring truly terrible video games for publication on the blog.

Yes, this is “Bad Games Week” at The King of Grabs!

If it’s rubbish, but has something interesting about it, then I’ll consider including it. Every system has its collection of howlers – I’m just picking a few of my favourites.

Seven days of the worst video games in history!

Starting today… ending Sunday. Enjoy!

Here’s a summary of links to what was published:
Grange Hill ZX Spectrum
Grange Hill, Commodore 64
Grange Hill, Amstrad CPC
Ultra Vortek, Atari Jaguar
Rise of the Robots, PC
Black Crystal, ZX Spectrum
Black Crystal, Commodore 64
Scuba Dive, Commodore 64
Kung Food, Atari Lynx
Toilet Kids, PC Engine
Quarantine, PC

The King of Grabs

Grange Hill ZX Spectrum 05

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