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Pssst Retrospec Remake, PC

A twenty one year-old remake of a thirty eight year-old game… John Dow‘s Pssst PC conversion was originally released in 2000 for MS-DOS and it’s not a bad effort, with decent enough graphics and responsive controls. The game was later ported to work in Windows, but there is a problem with that (see below).

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Sim Ant, Super Nintendo

I’ve played a number of different versions of Sim Ant and would have to say that the Super Nintendo version is probably my favourite.

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Pssst, ZX Spectrum

Featuring a cute robot (called Robbie) whose job it is to keep the insects away from the plants.

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Jet Set Willy, ZX Spectrum

Here are all the screens from Matthew Smith‘s original classic ZX Spectrum platform game Jet Set Willy. All 61 of them. Plus the ending after completing the game.

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The Magic Circle, PC

Hugely fun, satirical 2015 indie game about playing a broken RPG.

The Magic Circle cleverly mixes modern high res graphics with retro DOS-style graphics, and is something of a first on that front.

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