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Aleste Gaiden, MSX

Developed by Compile and released in Japan only in 1989, Aleste Gaiden is the third Aleste game to come out for MSX home computers – specifically: for the MSX2.

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Elite, MSX

The MSX version of the classic space trading game, Elite, was programmed by Mr. Micro and published by Firebird in 1987.

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Xevious: Fardraut Saga, MSX

Xevious: Fardraut Saga is an enhanced remake of the arcade classic Xevious, developed by Compile and initially published for the MSX2 by Namcot in 1988.

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Space Manbow, MSX

Space Manbow is an original MSX2 release from Konami. It first came out in 1989 and it ‘wowed’ home users with it fantastic graphics and smooth scrolling. Unfortunately it was never released outside of Japan.

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Chuckie Egg, MSX

The MSX version of Chuckie Egg was produced by A&F Software and released in 1984.

Graphically, the use of colour in this version is strange, but at least Henhouse Harry (the main character in Chuckie Egg) benefits from some extra colour. His animation is a bit stunted though. Harry moves around quickly enough, and the controls are very responsive, so running and jumping feels good – as it’s meant to in Chuckie Egg.

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Super Cobra, MSX

Konami themselves converted Super Cobra to the MSX, which is surprising because it’s missing the infamous ‘colour cycling’ of the arcade original (and all the other conversions). MSX Super Cobra stays distinctly green. And I have to wonder if that is an oversight, or a bug.

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BurgerTime, MSX

The official conversion of BurgerTime for the MSX was created by Dempa Shimbunsha and Data East in 1986.

It looks a bit like a Spectrum game, which is ironic because there is no official BurgerTime on the ZX Spectrum (there are plenty of bad clones though).

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