Atari ST Special

The Atari ST was a 16-bit home computer that was a great breeding ground for video games in the ’80s and ’90s. Many original classics were born on the ST (Dungeon Master, Simulcra, and Frontier to name but a few), and many older classics were ported to the ST to give them a new lease of life.

For ten years the Atari ST had a long and fruitful life. I used to be an ST owner, from 1988 until the mid Nineties, and played many of the games at the time. Always thought the ST was a wonderful machine.

Now, via the wonders of emulation, the Atari ST is being given a new lease of life – again.

I recently discovered the joys of HAGA, an ST hard disk loading system that makes disk swapping unnecessary, which has further revolutionised my appreciation for the ST.

Anyway, here are some grabs of a number of interesting Atari ST games. Along with a write-up for each. Writing this brought back some good memories, and also introduced me to one or two games I’d not played before. Which is always a bonus.

The King of Grabs

Here’s a full listing of what was published during our Atari ST Special, in chronological order of posting:

Where Time Stood Still
The Great Giana Sisters
Hard ‘N’ Heavy
Frontier: Elite II
Rainbow Islands
Mighty Bomb Jack
Highway Encounter
Fire and Ice
Starglider 2
Dyna Blaster
Elvira: The Arcade Game
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
Super Hang-On
Flames of Freedom
Chaos Strikes Back
Life and Death
International Karate Plus
Boulder Dash
Formula One Grand Prix
Maniac Mansion
Crystal Castles
Cannon Fodder
Sensible Soccer
Dark Side
Buggy Boy
Laser Squad
Federation of Free Traders

Atari ST Special 01

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