Paperboy, NES/Famicom

The Nintendo Entertainment System port of Paperboy was developed by Tengen and published by Mindscape in 1988. And it is not a bad conversion, all told. That said: it’s nothing special either. It’s certainly not as good as the excellent Master System version, which was its main competitor in its generation.

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Paperboy, Amstrad CPC

The Amstrad CPC conversion of Paperboy was coded by Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, with graphics by Paul Walker, and first published by Elite Systems in 1987. Compared to other Paperboy conversions this is a mixed bag of good and badness…

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Paperboy, Commodore 16/Plus4

Joerg Dierks (of Kingsoft in Germany) wrote the C16/Plus4 version of Paperboy, which was published by Elite Systems, mostly on cassette throughout Europe in 1986.

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Citadel, Commodore 64

Martin Walker‘s classic scrolling shooter, Citadel, was released exclusively for the Commodore 64 by Electric Dreams in 1989. The premise of Citadel is quite interesting – as is the gameplay.

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