Popeye, ZX Spectrum

DK’Tronics1985 release Popeye is notable for its use of large, colourful animated character graphics, the likes of which had not been seen before. At least not at the time of release on the humble ZX Spectrum.

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Ranarama, Atari ST

Ranarama, by Steve Turner of Graftgold, originated on the ZX Spectrum in 1987, and was later converted to the Atari ST, Amiga and Amstrad CPC.

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Populous, Amiga

Bullfrog‘s classic ‘God game’, Populous, was first released on the Amiga in 1989. It broke new ground with its ingenious mix of real-time strategy and sandbox-style landscape-building.

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Pitstop II, Commodore 64

It might be considered primitive by today’s standards, but back in 1984 when Pitstop II was first released, it really raised the bar for arcade-style racing games. That is: racing games that are fun to play, rather than being as realistic as possible.

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Jet Pac, ZX Spectrum

Ultimate Play The Game‘s amazing Jet Pac is an early ZX Spectrum classic, first released onto an unsuspecting world in 1983.

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Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll, Megadrive/Genesis

Rare‘s classic isometric action game, Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll, was first released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. This Sega Megadrive/Genesis port came later, in 1993.

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Skies of Arcadia Legends, GameCube

This classic level-grinder first came out on the Sega Dreamcast in 2000 and was later remade for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002.

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The House of the Dead III, XBox

Over-the-top, first-person, survival horror blasting action, for one or two players!

House of the Dead III first came out in arcades in 2002, followed by XBox and other home versions, in 2003.

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