Complete list of Ultimate Play the Game releases

A list of all the official Ultimate Play the Game releases, plus known, completed homebrew conversions, remakes, and unreleased titles.

Listed by system, then chronologically. Click the links to see screenshots and detailed information about the individual games. If I’ve missed any please let me know in the comments below.

ZX Spectrum:
Martianoids (1987)
Bubbler (1987)
Cyberun (1986)
Pentagram (1986)
Gunfright (1985)
Nightshade (1985)
Alien 8 (1985)
Knight Lore (1984)
Underwurlde (1984)
Sabre Wulf (1984)
Atic Atac (1983)
Lunar Jetman (1983)
Tranz Am (1983)
Pssst (1983)
Cookie (1983)
Jet Pac (1983)

Commodore 64:
Alien 8 (2020) Homebrew/Rod & Emu
Atic Atac (2020) Homebrew/Nostalgia
Knight Lore (2019) Homebrew/Rod & Emu
Pentagram (2017) Homebrew/Rod & Emu
Gunfright (2017) Homebrew/Rod & Emu
Bubbler (1987) Unreleased
Nightshade (1986) Firebird/P.S.I.
Underwurlde (1985) Firebird/Softstone
Sabre Wulf (1985) Firebird/Mr. Micro
Outlaws (1985)
Imhotep (1985)
Blackwyche (1985)
Dragon Skulle (1985)
Entombed (1984)
The Staff of Karnath (1984)

BBC Micro:
Nightshade (1985)
Knight Lore (1984)
Sabre Wulf (1984)
Cookie (1984) Unreleased
Lunar Jetman (1983)
Atic Atac (1983)

Amstrad CPC:
Martianoids (1987)
Bubbler (1987)
Gunfright (1986)
Nightshade (1985)
Alien 8 (1985)
Knight Lore (1984)
Sabre Wulf (1984)

Knight Lore MSX2 Remake (2009) Homebrew
Alien 8 MSX2 Remake (2009) Homebrew
Martianoids (1987)
Bubbler (1987)
Pentagram (1986)
Gunfright (1986)
Nightshade (1985)
Alien 8 (1985)
Knight Lore (1985)

Jet Pac (1983)

Famicom Disk System:
Knight Lore (1986) Jaleco

Atari 8-bit:
(2017) Homebrew
Pentagram (2016) Homebrew
Lunar Jetman (2014) Homebrew
Alien 8 (2013) Homebrew
Knight Lore (2008) Hombrew

Knight Lore Retrospec Remake (2010)
Alien 8 Retrospec Remake (2008)
Tranz Am Retrospec Remake (2008)
Atic Atac Retrospec Remake (2006)
Jetpak Solar Crisis (2004)
Lunar Jetman Retrospec Remake (2002)
Pssst Retrospec Remake (2000)
Cookie Retrospec Remake (2000)

Ashby Computers and Graphics:
Dingo, Arcade (1983) for Jaleco
Grasspin, Arcade (1983) for Jaleco
Saturn, Arcade (1983) for Jaleco
Blue Print, Arcade (1982) for Bally Midway

Related games:
Sabre Wulf, Game Boy Advance (2004)
Solar Jetman, NES (1990)
Solar Jetman, Commodore 64 (1991) Unreleased
Jet Pac Refuelled, Xbox 360 (2007) XBox Live Arcade

Rare Replay:
Atic Atac, Gunfright, Jet Pac, Knight Lore, Lunar Jetman, Sabre Wulf, and Underwurlde are currently (at the time of writing) still available to buy in the Rare Replay pack on the Microsoft Store. While it saddens me that these classic games are now owned by Microsoft, it is at least a good thing that they are still available to officially buy and play. Although only for XBox One and XBox Series X/S. Why no Windows?

See also: Ultimate Play the Game loading screens

More: Ultimate Play the Game on Wikipedia

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