X-Wing, PC

Still considered to be one of the best Star Wars games of all time, X-Wing is a serious, high-tech, fantasy combat sim – in space obviously – with all the different ships from the famous films in there somewhere, modelled in low-res 3D.

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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, NES/Famicom

Although this second Zelda game sold well (more than 4 million copies worldwide at the time), it is not particularly well-liked.

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Pieces, Super Nintendo

Known in Japan as Jigsaw Party, and in the West as Pieces, this 1994 Super Nintendo game is an intriguing and compelling mix of Tetris and jigsaws. Which might sound as dull as hell, but it’s actually surprisingly good.

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720 Degrees, Arcade

A colourful, isometric arcade game from 1986720 Degrees (aka 720°) is a skateboarding action game where you control a kid on a board, trying to complete tricks and courses in his local neighbourhood, before moving on to compete in a proper skate park.

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Holiday Lemmings 1993, Amiga

Although there were small Christmas demos made for Lemmings in 1991 and ’92, Holiday Lemmings 1993 was the first full retail release of a Lemmings game based on Christmas.

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Santa’s Christmas Capers, ZX Spectrum

Santa’s Christmas Capers is a Christmas-themed game, published on the ZX Spectrum by Zeppelin Games in 1990.

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Avalon, ZX Spectrum

Steve Turner‘s 1984 release Avalon is a groundbreaking adventure game with pseudo 3D graphics, released only for the ZX Spectrum.

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