Commodore 16/Plus4 Special

The Commodore 16 is a somewhat underrated home computer that had a relatively short lifespan and was intended as a low-cost replacement for the Commodore VIC-20.

It had 16K of RAM (thus the name) and a 6502 compatible CPU that ran twice as fast as the CPU in its older and more expensive cousin, the Commodore 64. It had a video and sound chipset called “TED” that offered a colour palette of 121 colours, and more efficient use of video memory than the C64, but it had no hardware sprites (it did however have a built-in software sprite routine with fewer restrictions than on hardware sprites).

The Plus4 (pictured below) was essentially the same computer under the hood, but it had a different shape and keyboard, had an expanded 64K of RAM, and some extra built-in software.

While the Commodore 16/Plus4 was a commercial failure in North America, it was a minor success in some parts of Europe, and in Mexico, and a variety of games were produced for it.

In light of the fact that I haven’t covered any Commodore 16/Plus4 games on here yet, I decided to have a splurge and add a bunch in one go in a special. So, for the next week, I’m going to be publishing screenshots of some of my favourite (and not so favourite) Commodore 16/Plus4 games.

Here are links to what was published:

Tom Thumb
Formula 1 Simulator
Rescue From Zylon
Big Mac
Mr. Puniverse
Auto Zone
Auf Wiedersehen Monty
Dark Side
Total Eclipse
Castle Master
Major Blink
Baby Berks
Berks 3
POD: Proof Of Destruction
Out On A Limb

The King of Grabs

More: Commodore 16/Plus4 on Wikipedia


One thought on “Commodore 16/Plus4 Special”

  1. I had a C16 that my parents bought me all those many years ago. I remember the first game I loaded, via cassette tape. It was called, ‘XZAP’. It took forever to load, but when it did, it made me jump out of my skin!

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