Atari Lynx Special

The Atari Lynx is a handheld console that was developed by Epyx and manufactured by Atari Corporation from 1989 to 1995, and it features a wide variety of colourful and playable games available in cartridge format.

At the time of launch the Lynx was in direct competition to the Nintendo Game Boy, and it unfortunately came off worse against the might of Nintendo‘s famous B&W handheld, mostly due to its notoriously high battery consumption and a lack of killer games, but in some respects it was a more capable machine than the Game Boy.

The Lynx is famously ambidextrous, meaning that it’s playable left or right-handed, and the screen can also be rotated at the press of a button, so games can be played either landscape or portrait.

Debate still rages as to whether the machine is 8-bit or 16-bit – it has an 8-bit CPU but a 16-bit graphics processor, so you could probably call it both.

It’s true that many of the Lynx‘s best-known games are conversions of Atari‘s own coin-ops, but it does have a number of original games too. In this special I’m aiming to post as balanced a mixture as possible.

So, in celebration of the great Atari Lynx, I’m going to be publishing a sequence of Lynx games throughout the week.

Here’s a list of what was published:

Steel Talons
California Games
Battlezone 2000
Dracula the Undead
Crystal Mines II
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter
Gordo 106
Jimmy Connors’ Tennis
Desert Strike

See also:
Chip’s Challenge
Lode Runner
Kung Food
Todd’s Adventures in Slime World

The King of Grabs

More: Atari Lynx on Wikipedia

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