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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor, Nintendo DS

This 2009 ‘spin-off’ in the Megami Tensei series is a turn-based tactical combat game, with the usual demons, magic, exploration and battles – presented in a mix of comic-like panels (for the conversation sections) and isometric landscapes (for the combat sections).

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Zombie Zombie, ZX Spectrum

Zombie Zombie is the spiritual successor to Ant Attack, in that: it was created by Sandy White, the guy who made Ant Attack, and it also uses the same kind of isometric graphics style and the same boy/girl sprites.

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Deathsmiles, Arcade

Deathsmiles is an infamous (and much-loved) 2007 shooter from Cave – a Japanese company known for its relatively innovative and leftfield output. Cave shooters are ‘Bullet Hell’ in overdrive…

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