Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom, Arcade

Sega‘s Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom was first released into arcades in 1982, and – to play it now – you’d wonder what all the fuss was about, but this game made waves when it was first released.

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Ultimate Race Pro, PC

It might seem like an innocuous title (and a bit of a Daytona clone), but Kalisto Entertainment and MicroProse‘s Ultimate Race Pro was a great, early pioneer of multiplayer online racing games.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Dreamcast

Or – to give the game its full title – Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.

First released in arcades in 2000 and ported to the Dreamcast that same year, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes really shows off the Dreamcast‘s amazing 2D (and 3D) graphics capabilities, with huge, detailed sprites jumping around the screen and incredible visual effects, amongst all the violence.

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Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, GameCube

Throughout history, man has always striven to recreate the original Star Wars battles on video-gaming hardware, to enable grown men to act like children…

And 2003‘s Rebel Strike is a veritable ORGY of Star Wars-related combat, from run-and-gun style, third-person shooter sections, to piloting virtually every craft in the Star Wars universe (including an enemy scout walker).

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BioShock Infinite, PC

BioShock Infinite (2013) is the third game in the BioShock series, and it is one a hell of a game! It is a bright, imaginative, funny, touching, emotional, violent and downright surprising adventure, set in a steampunk-style cloud city called Columbia.

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BioShock 2, PC

BioShock 2 was first released in 2010 by 2K Games.

Personally, I think BioShock 2 just edges it over its predecessor, because the setting is really interesting (rather than hunting Big Daddies, in this one you get to play AS a Big Daddy), and also because this sequel has a decent multiplayer side (the first BioShock had no multiplayer). And also because the game mechanics are slightly more detailed than the first game.

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BioShock, PC

BioShock was first released in 2007 by 2K Games.

It has garnered something of a reputation over the years – for being a game with real drama and emotion. And it is true to say that BioShock is not your average type of first person shooter.

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