BBC Micro Special

The BBC Micro was a British invention – a range of 8-bit home computers, backed and branded by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), and mostly pushed into schools.

The manufacturer of BBC Micro computers, Acorn Computers, was based in Cambridge and was a fierce rival to Sir Clive Sinclair (who was also based in Cambridge).

During its lifetime the ‘Beeb‘ (as it is affectionately known) did play host to a number of classic, original video games – Elite and The Sentinel being obvious examples, but there are others, and also many great hidden gems on the platform too.

This week I’m paying tribute to the BBC Micro and the games that inhabit it.

Here’s a full list of what we published in our BBC Micro Special this week:

Atic Atac
The Sentinel
Chuckie Egg
Impossible Mission
Jet Set Willy
Mr. Ee!
Castle Quest
Bubble Bobble
Knight Lore

The King of Grabs


bbc micro 02

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