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Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of Worlds, Amiga CD32

The sequel to the quirky Amiga adventure Heimdall, Heimdall 2: Into the Hall of Worlds was developed by The 8th Day and published by Core Design in 1994. In my opinion: it is more enjoyable than the first game, although not without its faults.

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Magic Carpet 2, PC

The full title of this 1995 sequel is Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds, and it is an excellent continuation of the series.

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Magic Carpet, PC

Magic Carpet from Bullfrog was first released in 1994 through Electronic Arts. It is a DOS-based, first-person action game with you – the player character – flying a ‘magic carpet’ around a series of islands, fighting evil wizards and monsters and collecting ‘mana’ to increase your magical powers.

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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, PC

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge is the 1991 sequel to the classic The Secret of Monkey Island and is arguably even better than its fondly-remembered predecessor.

Created by essentially the same team as the previous game, Monkey Island 2 once again follows the exploits of Guybrush Threepwood and his adventures into pirating and comedy. And once again he is up against his arch nemesis, LeChuck, only this time LeChuck is a rotting zombie due to him having been killed in the last game and brought back to life in this.

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The Secret of Monkey Island, PC

This is the original MS-DOS classic, as released by Lucasfilm Games (later to become LucasArts) in 1990. The Secret of Monkey Island is a humorous point-and-click adventure introducing wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood and his evil arch nemesis the pirate LeChuck.

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Archipelagos, Atari ST

Archipelagos came out on the Atari ST, Amiga, and for PC MS-DOS, and was developed by Astral Software in the UK and published by Logotron in 1989.

It is a strange first-person puzzle game where you must cleanse a series of islands of the ‘Blood of the Ancients’ by clicking on some obelisks.

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Lords of the Rising Sun, Amiga

This 1989 release from Cinemaware is probably one of the least played Amiga games ever made.

It is based around historic (12th Century) Japanese warfare, with you playing one of two famous generals (Yoritomo or Yoshitsune) fighting to unify (pacify; subjugate) Japan under one rule.

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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen, Super Nintendo

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen is a fantastic strategy action game, developed by Quest, and first published on the Super Nintendo in 1993.

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Carrier Command, Atari ST

Realtime Games1988 hit, Carrier Command, is a compelling mixture of 3D simulation and real-time strategy.

In it you take control of a futuristic, robotic aircraft carrier and must work your way through an island archipelago, taking control of each island and competing against a rival carrier.

You have ground-based, amphibious craft (Walrus), and aircraft (Manta) at your disposal, and must send them out to do your bidding – using Manta for combat, and Walrus for deploying payloads (usually command centre modules, which allow for the take-over of an island).

Carrier Command is controlled via a series of screens and icons, and a mouse, and was quite revolutionary at the time of original release.

Aside from the odd niggle (like vehicles – and the Carrier – not having the intelligence to go around things, you have to plot courses carefully, to avoid grounding), Carrier Command holds up well against the ravages of time, and still plays brilliantly now. You can play in either “Strategy” mode or “Action” mode, which further broadens the appeal.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrier_Command

Dig Dug II, Arcade

Namco‘s fairly unassuming 1985 release, Dig Dug II, is a fun sequel to the classic digging game, except in this game you are (the character) Dig Dug – on an island, with either your hose or your drill as weapons – and must defeat all the monsters to progress.

As in the original Dig Dug: if you throw your hose at an approaching monster it will allow you to inflate and defeat it, although this takes time and you can be killed by touch during the inflation process. So you have to be quick. If you’re even cleverer you can beat the baddies by trapping them on a piece of island that can be levelled into the sea, by drilling at key points in certain directions.

At first, Dig Dug II starts off fairly easy, and rapidly becomes very hard. Furthest I’ve got so far is level thirteen. Unlucky for some…

Dig Dug II does have its fans, and was also an influence on other games that came after it (for example: 1991‘s PC Engine classic Splash Lake).

It’s still well worth a play now.

It’s also worth noting that there are two versions of the Dig Dug II arcade game floating around. An easier “old” version, and a harder “new” version. These grabs were taken from the “new” version.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dig_Dug_II