The Curse of Sherwood, ZX Spectrum

The Curse of Sherwood is a 1987 action/adventure game from the prolific programmer/designer Derek Brewster.

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Codename MAT, ZX Spectrum

Derek Brewster‘s Codename MAT (Mission: Alien Termination) is what I would call a ‘Star Trek’ game, with a liberal ‘borrowing’ of elements from Star Raiders. It was published in 1984 by Micromega.

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Jasper, ZX Spectrum

Derek Brewster‘s Jasper is a decent platform game from the early days of the ZX Spectrum. It was first published by Micromega in 1984.

Jasper himself is a yellow mouse, and his raison d’etre in life is: making it home across 22 screens of obstacles.

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Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, PC

Mysteries of the Sith is the 1998 sequel to Dark Forces II. It uses the same 3D engine (with some enhancements) and follows the same style of gameplay as its predecessor, but contains considerably more features and detail.

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