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No One Can Stop Mr. Domino!, PlayStation

No One Can Stop Mr. Domino! is a weird-but-interesting domino-toppling game for the PlayStation that was developed by Artdink and published by Acclaim in 1998.

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Smash TV, Atari ST

On the face of it the Atari ST conversion of Williams Electronics‘ classic Smash TV looks pretty good, but scratch below the surface and you might realise that it has one or two major deficiencies.

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Alien 3, Megadrive/Genesis

Probe Software developed this side-scrolling version of Alien 3 for Acclaim in 1992.

It is a run-and-gun platform game with you playing a bald Ripley trying to rescue cocooned prisoners while fending off waves of attacking aliens.

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Cybernoid, NES

This console conversion of Raffaele Cecco‘s Cybernoid was released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1989.

It is just as difficult and frustrating as the original, if not more so.

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Krusty’s Super Fun House, Super Nintendo

Krusty’s Super Fun House was developed by Fox Williams and Audiogenic and was published on the Super Nintendo in 1992 by Acclaim.

The game is a single-player platform puzzler, with you – as Krusty – directing small rats to an extermination area at the end of various obstacles. Each level is a puzzle, and a certain number of rats must be exterminated to win.

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