Final Fantasy, NES

The very first ever Final Fantasy game was in Japanese only, released for the MSX in 1987. This 1990, NES remake of Final Fantasy was when Squaresoft really made the rest of the world first sit up and take notice.

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Dungeon Master, PC

Although the mighty Dungeon Master did come out on the Atari ST first, its best incarnation can be found on the PC, in MS-DOS.

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Star Wars Arcade, Sega 32X

This exciting-looking Star Wars game was first released in arcades in 1993, then released for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis 32X in 1994. It was a launch title for the 32X add-on peripheral.

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Back To Skool, ZX Spectrum

Dave Reidy‘s sequel to Skool Daze is a brilliant comedy sandbox ‘school simulator’ where you play a kid trying to make his way through a ‘typical’ 1980s school day, by squirting water pistols (sometimes filled with sherry, which can intoxicate teachers, if fired at them accurately), sabotaging school shields (found on some walls), avoiding lines, writing on blackboards, and trying to sneak into the neighbouring girl’s school.

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Rayman, Atari Jaguar

Rayman was developed for the Atari Jaguar as the game’s original target system, and it is seen as something of a ‘killer app’ on the console. It certainly is one of the best – maybe even the best – platform games on the Jaguar.

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Rebelstar: Tactical Command, Game Boy Advance

Designed by British strategy game design expert Julian Gollop, Rebelstar: Tactical Command is a highly engrossing turn-based isometric war game

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