Sim Ant, Super Nintendo

I’ve played a number of different versions of Sim Ant and would have to say that the Super Nintendo version is probably my favourite.

The PC and Amiga versions are graphically higher resolution, and slightly more technical with the displays, and give you various windows to move around the screen in a WIMP-like environment, but the SNES version condenses the gameplay into something more focussed and interesting, as you play the role of the overseer of an ant colony.

Scavenging for food; following pheremone trails; balancing the production of soldiers versus workers; cleaning and storing eggs; dealing with floods, fires, lawnmowers and other invasions – it’s all in a day’s work for your average ant colony.

If you have any interest at all in “bugs” (they’re called insects…) then playing Sim Ant is a must. And if you’re fascinated by them (like I am), then you may just be able to not only beat the game, but also squeeze every last drop of goodness out of it as well.

The Super Nintendo version of Sim Ant was developed by Japanese company Imagineer and released via Maxis in 1993.

More: SimAnt on Wikipedia

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