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Diner, Intellivision

Diner is an unofficial/official sequel to BurgerTime, created by Mattel Electronics exclusively for the Intellivision in 1987. ‘Unofficial’ because it’s not really counted as canon, and ‘official’ because Mattel at least got permission from Data East before releasing it.

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BurgerTime, Famicom Disk System

This 1985 Famicom Disk System conversion of BurgerTime is just as good as the arcade original – excepting for the slightly less colourful graphics.

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BurgerTime, MSX

The official conversion of BurgerTime for the MSX was created by Dempa Shimbunsha and Data East in 1986.

It looks a bit like a Spectrum game, which is ironic because there is no official BurgerTime on the ZX Spectrum (there are plenty of bad clones though).

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BurgerTime, ColecoVision

Mattel Electronics produced this ColecoVision console conversion of BurgerTime in 1984.

It is arguably the most authentic – and most impressive-looking – of the early console conversions of BurgerTime and it retains the vertical screen-style design of the arcade game levels (which is most welcome).

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BurgerTime, Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 version of BurgerTime is extremely basic and contains little of the character and playability of the arcade original.

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BurgerTime, PC

BurgerTime for PC MS-DOS was released by Mattel Electronics in 1982* and it is on a par with the Apple II version – at least graphically – and plays extremely well.

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BurgerTime, Intellivision

It might look very chunky, but BurgerTime on the Mattel Intellivision console is a surprisingly authentic representation of the classic arcade original.

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BurgerTime, Apple II

The graphics might be a bit indistinct, but the basic BurgerTime gameplay is mostly intact in this supposedly 1982 conversion.

I say ‘supposedly’ because I doubt very much that this Apple II conversion was released the same year as the arcade game. It’s much more likely to have been released in either 1983 or 1984. I’m pretty sure that the majority of the internet are wrong on this and that the ‘1982’ reference goes back to the original arcade game.

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BurgerTime, Arcade

BurgerTime is a classic Data East arcade game from the early 1980s – 1982 to be precise – and it is one that is held in high respect, probably for its high level of difficulty (arcade games that are generally considered to be ‘hard to master’ are often quite revered).

On the face of it, BurgerTime looks quite simple, and it is – simple to understand, that is. Not to beat.

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