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Magic Carpet 2, PC

The full title of this 1995 sequel is Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds, and it is an excellent continuation of the series.

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Magic Carpet, PC

Magic Carpet from Bullfrog was first released in 1994 through Electronic Arts. It is a DOS-based, first-person action game with you – the player character – flying a ‘magic carpet’ around a series of islands, fighting evil wizards and monsters and collecting ‘mana’ to increase your magical powers.

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Populous, PC

And here is the PC MS-DOS version of Bullfrog‘s classic Populous (1989), for comparison’s sake.

Apart from the title screen, it’s pretty much identical to the Amiga version.

Personally, I think that the DOS version plays slightly better, because the mouse click response is not as sluggish as on the Amiga.

I also think that the version for sale over at is this version, running under DOSBox. Which makes Populous perfectly playable on modern systems.


Populous, Amiga

Bullfrog‘s classic ‘God game’, Populous, was first released on the Amiga in 1989. It broke new ground with its ingenious mix of real-time strategy and sandbox-style landscape-building.

The aim of the game is to beat a competing ‘God’ by rapidly restructuring and flattening land and allowing your population to expand onto it.

As your followers grow, so does your power, which enables you to try a few dirty tricks on your opponent (such as dropping earthquakes on them, or floods, or volcanoes), and try to gain the upper hand. When your (or his) population reaches saturation point: you can then start an ‘Armageddon’ war and slug it out to the end. And – as is usually the case in war – it’s all a numbers game. Whoever has the most followers usually wins.

Populous is still very playable and fun to play now. The rules are simple and the input responses on the mouse are just about fast enough on the Amiga to make it enjoyable.

A classic from Bullfrog and the game that really put them on the map. AND you can still buy it from! Sweet.