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Parasol Stars, Game Boy

Taito‘s brilliant Parasol Stars (aka The Story of Bubble Bobble III) made an appearance on the original black and white Game Boy in 1992, courtesy of Ocean Software. In spite of the lack of colour the game is a faithful conversion of the original game (which first came out on the PC Engine), with cute graphics and wonderful, jolly tunes, and it is sure to bring joy to the heart of anyone who plays it.

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RayForce, Arcade

Also known as Gunlock and Galactic Attack in some territories, and Layer Section in Japan, RayForce is a vertical screen bullet hell shooter released into arcades by Taito in 1994. And it is quite impressive, as arcade shooters go.

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Rainbow Islands, Amstrad CPC

Graftgold‘s conversion of Rainbow Islands on the Amstrad is a decent port of the brilliant Taito arcade game. It was published by Ocean Software in 1990.

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Chase HQ, Amstrad CPC

Ocean Software‘s 1989 conversion of Taito‘s classic arcade race game, Chase HQ, is a bit of a doozy on the Amstrad. While it doesn’t have quite the impact that its amazing arcade parent does, it does do a very good job of trying to recreate its high-octane, criminal-chasing thrills.

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Slap Fight, Arcade

Slap Fight is a vertically-scrolling, progressive weapons shoot ’em up developed by Taoplan and manufactured by Taito 1986. It’s also known as “Alcon” in the US.

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Bubble Bobble Revolution, Nintendo DS

Also known as Bubble Bobble DS in Japan, Bubble Bobble Revolution features a remake of Bubble Bobble as well as a separate conversion of the classic Bubble Bobble arcade game, and it is really good.

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Bubble Bobble: Old & New, Game Boy Advance

Bubble Bobble: Old & New was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. It was developed by Taito and published by Empire Interactive. It features a conversion of the arcade original, plus a re-made version with new graphics, sound, and features.

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Bubble Bobble, X68000

The Sharp X68000 version of Bubble Bobble was a Japan-only release and is an authentic and beautiful port – arguably just as good as the arcade original itself, if not better.

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Bubble Bobble, FM Towns

The FM Towns conversion of Bubble Bobble is another perfect Japanese port of the arcade game. It was developed by Taito themselves and released on CD-ROM by Ving in 1990.

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Bubble Bobble, Sega Master System

The Sega Master System conversion of Bubble Bobble was converted by Taito themselves and published by Sega in 1988 in Japan and 1991 in Europe. Not only is it one of the best of the early console conversions, but it also differs from most of the other conversions in a significant way.

The original Japanese title for the game was “Final Bubble Bobble“.

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