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Realtime Games Software Ltd. was a British computer game developer, founded in 1984 by three Leeds University students Ian Oliver, Andrew Onions, and Graeme Baird.

Carrier Command, Amiga

Realtime Software‘s classic Carrier Command is an early real-time strategy game that first came out for the Amiga and Atari ST in 1988 through Rainbird Software. In it you control a futuristic aircraft carrier battling for domination of a group of islands with an AI-controlled enemy carrier.

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Carrier Command, ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum conversion of Realtime Software‘s classic Carrier Command is arguably even better than the 16-bit originals. Mostly because it’s been tweaked a little to accommodate it on the humble Speccy, and as a result it plays really well as a strategy game, with extra action elements. Carrier Command on the Spectrum is for 128K machines only and was first published by Rainbird Software in 1989.

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Battle Command, Amiga

Battle Command is a classic Amiga tank game, developed by Realtime Games Software and published by Ocean Software in 1990.

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Elite, PC

This is the original MS-DOS CGA version of Elite, written by Andrew Onions of Realtime Games and published by Firebird in 1987.

Not to be confused with the even better Elite Plus, which came later and is a different game entirely.

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Starstrike II, ZX Spectrum

The sequel to Realtime Software‘s brilliant Starstrike 3D, Starstrike II is another excellent and groundbreaking first-person space shooter, only this time with impressive “filled” polygons, instead of the simpler wireframe graphics of the original.

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Starstrike 3D, ZX Spectrum

More than just a clone of Atari‘s arcade classic Star Wars, Starstrike 3D (or 3D Starstrike, whatever you prefer) is a wireframe, shooter masterpiece on the humble ZX Spectrum that really set the gaming world alight, back in the early Eighties.

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Carrier Command, Atari ST

Realtime Games1988 hit, Carrier Command, is a compelling mixture of 3D simulation and real-time strategy.

In it you take control of a futuristic, robotic aircraft carrier and must work your way through an island archipelago, taking control of each island and competing against a rival carrier.

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Elite Plus, PC

There were many versions of the classic space combat/trading game, Elite. The best, though, is arguably Elite Plus on the PC in VGA. Made by Chris Sawyer of Realtime Software in 1991.

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