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SimCity, Amstrad CPC

The Amstrad version of SimCity is arguably better than the Commodore 64 original. It was converted to the Amstrad by Probe Software and published by Infogrames in 1989.

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Bomb Jack, Game Boy

This handheld conversion of Tehkan‘s Bomb Jack arcade game is a decent translation of the bomb-collecting classic. It was developed by New Frontier and published by Infogrames in 1992.

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Neverwinter Nights, PC

BioWare‘s 2002 release, Neverwinter Nights, is a bit of a giant on the RPG scene.

Not only is it a detailed and engrossing Role-Playing Game par excellence, but it also plays host to a huge modding community. It’s also well-known as a multiplayer game too and features campaigns that can be played single or multi-player, and also features Player-versus-Player (PvP) combat.

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Alone In The Dark 2, PC

Alone In The Dark 2 is a suitably frantic, scary and chilling sequel to 1992’s Alone In The Dark.

Part two came out just over a year after the first game, in 1993, and French developer Infogrames made it bigger and more challenging than the first game.

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Alone In The Dark, PC

InfogramesAlone In The Dark is one of the earliest survival horror games to use 3D graphics (mixed with 2D graphics), and it really broke new ground when it was first released back in 1992.

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