Bubble Ghost, Amstrad CPC

I’m a big fan of the game Bubble Ghost and this Amstrad CPC conversion is up there with the best of the 8-bit versions.

The chunky, colourful graphics are nice (very close to the Atari ST original in fact), and the feel of the controls is spot on.

The idea is: you play a ghost who has to blow bubbles through a maze of rooms, each with a variety of bubble-blowing (and popping) traps. As you progress, the going gets ever tougher.

It’s a great game but does have a ‘wall’ that is difficult to get past. I would love to see the Bubble Ghost idea taken further.

Bubble Ghost on The King of Grabs:
Bubble Ghost Commodore 64 version
Bubble Ghost Atari ST version
Bubble Ghost Amstrad CPC version
Bubble Ghost Game Boy version

More: Bubble Ghost on Wikipedia

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