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Lamborghini American Challenge, Amiga CD32

Published by Titus in 1994, Lamborghini American Challenge is a decent 2D racing game originally published on the Amiga under the title Crazy Cars III.

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Black Thunder, Commodore 64

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Black Thunder. It is a remake of Tony Crowther‘s previous game, Suicide Express, with slightly different graphics and released a year later by a different publishing house (Quicksilva).

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Potty Pigeon, Commodore 64

Percy the Potty Pigeon (to give the game its full title) was coded by Tony Crowther and published by Gremlin Graphics for the C64 in 1984. It was a minor hit at the time.

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Tour de France, Commodore 64

Published by Activision in 1985, Tour de France is one of the rare times in gaming history where cycling has proven to be a hit with gamers.

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Frogger, Arcade

Konami‘s Frogger was released into video game arcades in 1981 and was an instant hit with gamers.

The basic premise of Frogger is to guide a hopping frog over a road and a river, to reach a safe haven on the other side.

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SimCity, Super Nintendo

The 1991 Super Nintendo version of Will Wright‘s classic SimCity was developed by Nintendo themselves, so is somewhat different to previous versions. It’s actually one of the best versions of SimCity around.

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SimCity 2000, PC

The very first version of SimCity 2000 was released for Apple Macintosh by Maxis in 1993, followed soon after by a PC MS-DOS version.

The game was one of the first to use “SVGA” high resolution (640×840) graphics on a PC and even used its own version of the Mac WIMP environment in a PC game. The designers of SimCity 2000 were obviously Mac fans who did everything they could to bring the (then) familiar Macintosh display style to the early PC. Ironically, a Windows version of SimCity 2000 followed soon after.

Although SimCity 2000 is only the second SimCity game, it is quite a leap from the original game. The same basic play tenets are there – build a city; make your residents happy; expand and enhance; do your best to clean up after natural disasters… The presentation, though, is so much more detailed than before. SimCity 2000‘s isometric graphics are beautiful and iconic. The in-game detail – in terms of variables to play around with – is so much more complex than before.

SimCity 2000 is pre-Sims era Maxis, but it sees them break new group for a second time. More, actually, because Maxis had released a number of successful Sim games before SimCity 2000 (off the top of my head: Sim Ant, Sim Earth, Sim Life, Sim Farm, and of course SimCity).

SimCity 2000 was Maxis at the top of their game, before The Sims sent them stratospheric.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SimCity_2000

Out Run, Arcade

Sega‘s single-player arcade classic race game – Out Run. Played and enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world.

Out Run was first released in 1986 and took video game arcades by storm with its superfast, colourful graphics, jaunty music, gripping gameplay, and cabinet steering wheel.

The aim is to beat par times on race legs in order to keep going on the branching roads. If you’re playing seriously it’s best to plan a route through the car-nage… Sigh.

If you’re just having a blast: Out Run can still deliver thrills on a purely adrenaline basis too.

More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_Run