Bubble Ghost, Atari ST

The 16-bit Atari ST version of Bubble Ghost is the original version, as designed and programmed by creator Christophe Andreani in 1987.

The premise is simple: you are a ghost who must blow bubbles through a course of traps, in order to reach the other side with the bubble intact. If the bubble touches a wall, or any other object, then it will burst and you will have to try again (minus one bubble). Run out of bubbles and it’s game over.

As the levels progress the obstacles get ever more devious. Fans will blow the bubble off course and – of course – the ever-increasing number of protruding sharp objects will immediately destroy it if touched. Even by a pixel.

A course might seem impossible at first, but if you take the ghost and blow certain objects in the environment the scenery sometimes changes, allowing a route through.

Bubble Ghost has 35 halls (levels), and even making it halfway through them is something of an achievement. To make it all the way through you will have to master the controls and be quick on the blow. It’s easier said than done, but then that’s usually the case with all great games. And Bubble Ghost is a great game; a great idea; it just has relatively limited appeal.

Bubble Ghost on The King of Grabs:
Bubble Ghost Commodore 64 version
Bubble Ghost Atari ST version
Bubble Ghost Amstrad CPC version
Bubble Ghost Game Boy version

More: Bubble Ghost on Wikipedia

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