Alone In The Dark 2, PC

Alone In The Dark 2 is a suitably frantic, scary and chilling sequel to 1992’s Alone In The Dark.

Part two came out just over a year after the first game, in 1993, and French developer Infogrames made it bigger and more challenging than the first game.

Essentially, though, the same kind of survival horror, exploration and real time combat is in evidence. Backgrounds are drawn 2D, and objects and characters are 3D modelled polygons. The camera stays static during scenes, and cuts depending on where you move to. Exactly the same technique as ‘borrowed’ by Resident Evil in 1996…

Finding weapons is the most important task in Alone In The Dark 2. Without one you’re a sitting duck. Once you have a decent gun (and some ammo) you can then start asserting your authority upon the game. Until then, you’re fair game, and death will come often to those trying to feel their way into the game.

Make no mistake: Alone In The Dark 2 is not a friendly game. Much like the original. You’re going to have to fumble your way towards a foothold, and die many times along the way. [Cue maniacal laughter]

More: Alone in the Dark 2 on Wikipedia

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