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Avalon, ZX Spectrum

Steve Turner‘s 1984 release Avalon is a groundbreaking adventure game with pseudo 3D graphics, released only for the ZX Spectrum.

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Rainbow Islands, Amiga

Graftgold‘s Amiga conversion of the legendary Rainbow Islands is pretty much flawless… Well, if you discount the three secret hidden worlds the developers had to ditch when they discovered them… And the lower resolution, compared to the arcade original.

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Rainbow Islands, Atari ST

Thanks to British developer Graftgold the Atari ST has an almost perfect conversion of Taito‘s arcade classic, Rainbow Islands.

To all intents and purposes the ST version of Rainbow Islands is identical to the arcade original. Well, kind of…

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Simulcra, Atari ST

Simulcra is a cool third-person 3D shooter set on a complex series of colourful courses.

The game was developed by legendary coding team Graftgold and is one of their least well-known releases, but also one of their best.

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Zynaps, ZX Spectrum

Zynaps is a smart side-scrolling shoot ’em up, developed by Dominic Robinson, John Cumming and Stephen Crow (with music by Steve Turner), and published by Hewson Consultants for the ZX Spectrum in 1987.

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Dragontorc, ZX Spectrum

Steve Turner‘s 1985 sequel to Avalon is about as atmospheric and exciting as a fantasy adventure can get on a ZX Spectrum. It really is amazing that this game fits in to only 48K of memory.

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