The House of the Dead III, XBox

Over-the-top, first-person, survival horror blasting action, for one or two players!

House of the Dead III first came out in arcades in 2002, followed by XBox and other home versions, in 2003.

The Xbox version features auto reloading, whereas the arcade version allowed reloading using the built-in cabinet guns, but otherwise they are the essentially same.

Although the camera motion is ‘on rails’ (ie. follows a set path), you can choose which path to take at the beginning of a level, which changes how the levels unfold, adding variety to the gameplay.

The XBox version of House of the Dead III also features a ‘Time Attack’ Mode – which is not in the arcade version – allowing play to continue only to a strict timer. Extensions to which must be won by making rated shots.

These high quality grabs were taken using a Development XBox, which allows lossless screenshot capture in hardware, over a network.

More: The House of the Dead III on Wikipedia

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