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Games that were cancelled before release.

Bubbler, Commodore 64


There is a story behind the Commodore 64 conversion of Bubbler, but to condense it into just a few sentences: the game was being converted in 1987 by an intermediary company for Ultimate, called Lynsoft, but was canned before release because it wasn’t fast enough.

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Cookie, BBC Micro


This BBC Micro conversion of Ultimate Play the Game‘s classic 1983 Spectrum game, Cookie, was programmed by Paul Proctor but was never officially released. Which is shame because it’s not bad.

It was, however, leaked onto the internet some decades later and we can still enjoy playing it now. Which is a damn sight better than the game having been lost forever…

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Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors, Sega CD

Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors is a “legendary” game that never came out…

Originally planned for a 1995 release on the Sega CD, Smoke and Mirrors was due to be published by Absolute Entertainment but they went out of business before the game’s release and it therefore sank without a trace.

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Solar Jetman, Commodore 64

Developed by Software Creations for Sales Curve Interactive, Solar Jetman is a legendary ‘lost’ game that was canned by its publisher in 1991 and has since resurfaced and been ‘preserved’ online.

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Highway Encounter, Atari ST

This 1990 Atari ST conversion of the ZX Spectrum classic Highway Encounter I don’t think was ever commercially released, even though it was co-created by Costa Panayi, the guy who made the original.

Costa created some wonderful games for the Spectrum, and Highway Encounter was one of them. And it has been brilliantly converted to the ST (by Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, with graphics by Costa). This is no farmed-out-to-a-third-party hack job. This is the real thing.

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Lode Runner, Atari Lynx


Lode Runner on the Atari Lynx was developed but never officially released. A prototype version was leaked onto the internet in 2008.

It’s pretty much complete in terms of gameplay – all 150 original levels have been verified as being in there and the game plays as it should, without any real problems.

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Resident Evil, Game Boy Color


The retro games community got excited recently when two development cartridges from a cancelled version of Resident Evil for the Game Boy Color were found and dumped by some shadowy, anonymous people.

Was the excitement worth it?

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