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Draconus, Atari 800

Draconus is a 1988 release on the Atari 800 by British developer Zeppelin Games. It is a platform game with more than a hint of Metroidvania about it.

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Ghostbusters, Atari 800

The Atari 800 version of David Crane‘s Ghostbusters is almost as good as the C64 original. It has excellent digitised speech; the obligatory chiptunes rendition of Ray Parker Jr.‘s hit single, and the game is nice, smooth, and non-flickery to play.

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Spy Hunter, Atari 800

The Atari 8-bit version of Spy Hunter is a cracking rendition, with smooth scrolling and decent sprites.

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Super Cobra, Atari 800

Park Brothers developed this conversion of Konami‘s classic arcade game, Super Cobra, and released it on Atari 8-bit home computers in 1983.

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Cavernia, Atari 800

A British platform game that came quite late in the life of the Atari 8-bit computers (released by Zeppelin Games in 1990), Cavernia is a fairly simple left to right run-and-jump-a-thon but with nice presentation and decent controls.

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Summer Games, Atari 800

Epyx‘s classic multi-event sports sim, Summer Games, first came out on the Commodore 64, and this Atari 8-bit conversion came later.

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Dark Chambers, Atari 800

Dark Chambers is an overhead maze shooter in the style of Gauntlet. That said: it is actually a direct descendent of Dandy – another overhead maze game written by John Howard Palevich and also an influence on the design of Gauntlet.

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Dandy, Atari 800

Dandy is an overhead maze shooter for up to four players, created by John Palevich for the Atari Program Exchange in 1983. It is the precursor to Gauntlet, Dark Chambers, and a whole host of other games.

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Montezuma’s Revenge, Atari 800

Montezuma’s Revenge is a classic platform game originally released for Atari 8-bit computers by Utopia Software in 1983, and later re-released by Parker Brothers in 1984.

The game was written by a then 16 year-old Robert Jaeger, who made two versions of the game for Atari home computers.

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