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Rampart, Arcade

Atari Games1990 arcade game Rampart is a strange but compelling single-screen castle-building action game, with artillery-based shooting sections.

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Gauntlet II, Arcade

Gauntlet II is the 1986 sequel to the classic four-player arcade game, Gauntlet. It was made by pretty much the same Atari Games team that made the first game, so retains a lot of its qualities. Which is great, because the first Gauntlet was brilliant and fans wanted more of the same – only with enhancements. Which is exactly what they got.

There are quite a few new features in Gauntlet II. Most interesting and unique of which is the “You’re It!” addition to the gameplay. Just like the infamous schoolyard game, individual players can be made “it” by a floating ball thing that comes after you on certain levels. Whoever the ball touches becomes “it” and monsters will then gravitate towards that particular player. Not a good place to be in if you’re that player, and a ‘nice-but-evil’ addition from the dev team. 🙂

Other new features include: transportability (transporting through walls), rebounding shots, fake exits, ‘Super Shots’ (kill multiple monsters with one shot), repulsiveness potions (which cause monsters to run away, which is hilarious), stun tiles, movable blocks, poison that makes you wobble around uncontrollably, thieves who steal your food and items, plus traps, traps, and more traps! Also: each player can now choose between each of the four available characters, which you couldn’t do in the first game.

Gauntlet II has aged very well. Graphically and sonically it still looks and sounds great. If you’re looking for a good four-player party game: look no further – Gauntlet II has all you need.

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Vindicators, Arcade

Vindicators is a one or two-player futuristic tank combat game released into arcades by Atari Games in 1988.

The simultaneous two-player co-op mode is arguably the most fun you can have with Vindicators, although the single-player game is also challenging.

The fuel in your tank is constantly draining, which acts a timer, and there are a variety of obstacles and enemies to deal with as you trundle vertically up the screen. The game uses ‘caterpillar’ controls, meaning that you can control the tank’s track and turret movement independently, as you would in a real tank. This sometimes causes confusion for some people when they first play the game, but when you get used to it it’s quite intuitive.

Vindicators uses similar video and sound hardware to 720 Degrees and Toobin’ and has that distinct Atari Games‘ look and feel that was so prevalent in late 1980s video game arcades.

It’s also a great game to play with a joypad with two thumbsticks – especially two-player – if you can get it set up right in an emulator.

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Gauntlet Title Screens, Arcade

These Gauntlet title screens are cool. They are from the 1985 arcade original. They show the potions, power-ups and monsters. How many shots to kill each monster. Plus some other interesting information about the game. Plus a programmer list at the end. Nice!

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Gauntlet, Arcade

The original four-player multiplayer arcade game of Gauntlet is a worthy party game for any retro gaming occasion. Stick it on, and watch everyone get sucked into it. With unlimited credits, you need never die. 🙂

You may not believe that the original Gauntlet is well over thirty years old now – it was first released by Atari Games in 1985. It doesn’t look or sound it. The graphics are as good as ever, and the sampled speech has become iconic. “Wizard needs food!” Anyone who’s ever played this game knows those lines.

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