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Lode Runner, Atari Lynx


Lode Runner on the Atari Lynx was developed but never officially released. A prototype version was leaked onto the internet in 2008.

It’s pretty much complete in terms of gameplay – all 150 original levels have been verified as being in there and the game plays as it should, without any real problems.

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Lode Runner, Atari ST

Lode Runner on the 16-bit Atari ST is an interesting European take on this classic American platform game. It was developed by French company Loriciel in 1989 and may only have been released in France. Well, the only version I could find was in French.

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Lode Runner, ZX Spectrum

Part of the later Software Projects UK releases, Lode Runner was first made available on the ZX Spectrum in 1984.

The small graphics and precise gameplay are perfectly suited to the Spectrum and as a result the game enjoyed some success on the system.

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