The Adventures of Dr. Franken, NES/Famicom


The NES version of The Adventures of Dr. Franken was developed by Cygnus in 1993 and was cancelled before release. A prototype exists online, though, which is what these grabs are from.

The game plays pretty much the same as the Game Boy original, Dr. Franken, but with more colourful graphics and more refined controls. It also seems to be mostly complete, and playing it is very enjoyable. Some might even argue that this conversion is more fun to play than the Super Nintendo version of The Adventures of Dr. Franken, which is different to this and the Game Boy original.

This is a really good port that’s still worth playing today, and the fact that it still exists (and has been leaked) means that the people who worked on it didn’t have their efforts completely wasted.

More: Dr. Franken on Wikipedia

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