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H.E.R.O., ColecoVision

The ColecoVision version of the classic rescue game, H.E.R.O., looks quite similar to the Commodore 64 version, in that: the graphics are a little rough around the edges.

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Boulder Dash, ColecoVision

The ColecoVision conversion of Boulder Dash is really quite wonderful. It was converted by Micro Lab and published on the Microfun label in 1984.

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Spy Hunter, ColecoVision

Coleco‘s 1984 conversion of Bally Midway‘s classic Spy Hunter is a bit of a pale imitation of the arcade parent.

Graphically, it’s a little bland, but the scrolling is fast (I won’t say ‘smooth’, but it’s not jerky) and the sprites and backgrounds are colourful.

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Gateway To Apshai, ColecoVision

Gateway To Apshai is sometimes described as a Roguelike RPG, but it doesn’t have randomly generated dungeons – they’re set, in number order, and there are a lot of them.

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BurgerTime, ColecoVision

Mattel Electronics produced this ColecoVision console conversion of BurgerTime in 1984.

It is arguably the most authentic – and most impressive-looking – of the early console conversions of BurgerTime and it retains the vertical screen-style design of the arcade game levels (which is most welcome).

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