Solar Jetman, Commodore 64

Developed by Software Creations for Sales Curve Interactive, Solar Jetman is a legendary ‘lost’ game that was canned by its publisher in 1991 and has since resurfaced and been ‘preserved’ online.

Solar Jetman is a game where you control a ship that can apply thrust to move around, while always fighting the downward pull of gravity. The ship can shoot bullets, which are needed to take out the various enemies and gun turrets that are found littering the caverns you are flying around. Of course you lose energy if you crash into the cave walls, and you have limited fuel (which can be topped-up by returning to base). If your energy bar reaches zero your ship is destroyed, but it doesn’t kill you. Instead you are left in a vulnerable state in just your space suit with small jet pack. If you can make it back to base without hitting anything your ship is then replaced.

The ultimate aim is to collect various pieces of The Golden Warship, which you do by grabbing each with a tow rope and taking it back to base. With a piece attached to your ship it affects the way you move and can often cause crashes, so careful flying is required not to lose control.

Solar Jetman is an excellent conversion of the NES original on the Commodore 64. A ‘lost’ gem that everyone should play at least once in their lives.

More: Solar Jetman on Wikipedia

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