720 Degrees, Arcade

A colourful, isometric arcade game from 1986720 Degrees (aka 720°) is a skateboarding action game where you control a kid on a board, trying to complete tricks and courses in his local neighbourhood, before moving on to compete in a proper skate park.

If you wait around for too long in the neighbourhood area, without attempting an available course, a swarm of killer bees will chase after you. And – once you’ve completed a course – it is then locked off, giving you less avenues of escape from those pesky bees, so you really can’t dawdle.

720 Degrees is a quite a high pressure game in terms of time, which is a pity in some ways because it would be nice to explore at leisure rather than be hurried along. By bees. Especially as there are shops to buy upgrades from.

This is an early(ish) arcade game from Atari Games, so is quite simple overall. It is still challenging and fun to play now though.

More: 720 Degrees on Wikipedia

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