Santa’s Christmas Capers, ZX Spectrum

Santa’s Christmas Capers is a Christmas-themed game, published on the ZX Spectrum by Zeppelin Games in 1990.

It’s a side-scrolling shooter (of all things), with Santa on his sleigh, being pulled by reindeer, shooting snowballs at oncoming enemies. And at the end of each of the three “different” stages there’s a boss fight. Of sorts.

Technically, Santa’s Christmas Capers is not bad. Graphics-wise it’s not terrible either. Where it is terrible, though, is in the gameplay department. The game is pointless, with little or no skill required to progress and boss fights that just end suddenly after minutes of blasting at nowhere in particular.

A Christmas curiosity (ie. cash-in) and nothing more. Apparently also known as “Santa’s Xmas Caper” according to some sources, although the version I played wasn’t called that.

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3 thoughts on “Santa’s Christmas Capers, ZX Spectrum”

  1. Grew up with this on the Amiga – same developers, however it looks like a completely different game to the Speccy version, you weren’t on the sleigh, but instead on foot. I enjoyed it, although it was simplistic and pretty easy.

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