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Zybex, Atari 8-bit

Zybex is a 1988 shoot ’em up from British developer/publisher Zeppelin Games. It’s a horizontally-scrolling progressive weapons blaster with a main character that looks a bit like the jetpack guy from Dropzone.

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Arnie 2, Commodore 64

The sequel to Zeppelin Games1992 budget hit, Arnie, Arnie 2 is more of the same isometric scrolling shoot ’em up action – starring everyone’s not-so-favourite, non-licensed Arnold Schwarzenegger parody.

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Arnie, Commodore 64

Written by Chris Butler and published by Zeppelin Games in 1992, Arnie is an isometric scrolling shoot ’em up featuring a one-man army (unsurprisingly called Arnie), on a mission to infiltrate an enemy base and assassinate a General.

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Draconus, Atari 8-bit

Draconus is a 1988 release on the Atari 800 by British developer Zeppelin Games. It is a platform game with more than a hint of Metroidvania about it.

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Santa’s Christmas Caper, Commodore 64

Developed and published by Zeppelin in 1990, Santa’s Christmas Caper is a rarity: it is a Christmas-themed “Bullet Hell” shooter that is actually not too bad.

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Cavernia, Atari 8-bit

A British platform game that came quite late in the life of the Atari 8-bit computers (released by Zeppelin Games in 1990), Cavernia is a fairly simple left to right run-and-jump-a-thon but with nice presentation and decent controls.

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Santa’s Christmas Capers, ZX Spectrum

Santa’s Christmas Capers is a Christmas-themed game, published on the ZX Spectrum by Zeppelin Games in 1990.

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