The Snowman, ZX Spectrum

The Snowman by Quicksilva is based on the Raymond Briggs novel of the same name, but bears about as much relation to it as a penguin does to an albatross…

The Snowman is actually not a bad game at all though. Programmed by a young David Shea and first published in 1983, The Snowman is essentially a Burger Time derivative, only this time you are collecting parts of The Snowman (and avoiding ghosts), so you can drop them in the correct place and reassemble him back to full fitness.

There’s no “Walking In The Air” with Alhed Jones (thankfully) and the only tune of any note is the rather unimaginative Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

That said: The Snowman is still a fun little challenge for a short while. Especially at Christmas, over a plate of sprouts, some gravy, and some warm mead.

More: The Snowman on Wikipedia

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