Alien Trilogy, PlayStation

Developed by Probe and published by Acclaim in 1996, Alien Trilogy is a first-person shooter that uses elements from the famous Alien series, but doesn’t stick closely to the characters or plots of the first three films.

The gameplay is fairly basic in Alien Trilogy. Before each level you’re briefed and given objectives, and after completing a level you’re rated on how many aliens you’ve killed, how many objectives you completed, and how many secrets you found. As you explore you find a variety of weapons and useful tools and you must use these to survive and complete your objectives. Ammunition is limited, although the default pistol does have unlimited bullets (but only when you’ve run out of all your other ammo). You can also hold (and throw) a limited number of grenades.

While Alien Trilogy is an okay game it does suffer a bit from sluggish controls and all the usual problems associated with playing first-person shooters on a gamepad (like not being able to turn quickly). It’s atmospheric and tense, but the auto-aiming system (which allows you to shoot stuff you’re not even pointing at) takes away from the game’s credibility.

Graphically, Alien Trilogy is better than Alien vs Predator on the Jaguar, but it’s still pretty poor in places (the CGI death animations, for example, are awful). What actually makes this game tense are the sound effects, but even they can’t really elevate Alien Trilogy above merely ‘okay’.

More: Alien Trilogy on Wikipedia

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