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Rainbow Islands, PC Engine

The PC Engine version of Taito‘s classic arcade game Rainbow Islands was only made available on CD-ROM, so you had to have a CD compatible PC Engine to play it.

[That was: until emulation was invented…] 🙂

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Rainbow Islands, Amiga

Graftgold‘s Amiga conversion of the legendary Rainbow Islands is pretty much flawless… Well, if you discount the three secret hidden worlds the developers had to ditch when they discovered them… And the lower resolution, compared to the arcade original.

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Rainbow Islands, Atari ST

Thanks to British developer Graftgold the Atari ST has an almost perfect conversion of Taito‘s arcade classic, Rainbow Islands.

To all intents and purposes the ST version of Rainbow Islands is identical to the arcade original. Well, kind of…

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Parasol Stars, Amiga

Parasol Stars is a wonderful sequel to Taito‘s classic Rainbow Islands, although it was never released in arcades.

The game was initially developed exclusively for the NEC PC Engine in 1991, and later released on other formats by Ocean Software. The brilliant Amiga version was released in 1992 and remains a firm favourite among Bubble Bobble series fans.

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