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Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands, Sega Saturn

Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands was coded by British developer Probe Entertainment and published by Acclaim in 1996. It was also released for the PlayStation, PC MS-DOS and Windows, but I’m just covering the Sega Saturn version here because they’re mostly identical.

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Uridium 2, Amiga

Uridium 2 is the sequel to Andrew Braybrook‘s classic Commodore 64 shooter, published on the Amiga in 1993 by Renegade Software, and it really is quite excellent.

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Rainbow Islands, Amiga

Graftgold‘s Amiga conversion of the legendary Rainbow Islands is pretty much flawless… Well, if you discount the three secret hidden worlds the developers had to ditch when they discovered them… And the lower resolution, compared to the arcade original.

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Uridium, Atari ST

Andrew Braybrook‘s classic C64 shooter, Uridium, was given a 16-bit release courtesy of Joe Hellesen and Mindscape in 1986.

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Fire and Ice, Atari ST

Fire and Ice is a platform game designed and programmed by Graftgold in 1992.

It features a ‘cool’ coyote traversing a range of themed platform worlds, starting off in icy worlds and moving towards warmer ones nearer the equator.

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Rainbow Islands, Atari ST

Thanks to British developer Graftgold the Atari ST has an almost perfect conversion of Taito‘s arcade classic, Rainbow Islands.

To all intents and purposes the ST version of Rainbow Islands is identical to the arcade original. Well, kind of…

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Simulcra, Atari ST

Simulcra is a cool third-person 3D shooter set on a complex series of colourful courses.

The game was developed by legendary coding team Graftgold and is one of their least well-known releases, but also one of their best.

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Paradroid ’90, Amiga

Mmmm. Paradroid ’90 is one of those “classic” games that should have been great, but unfortunately was a big, fat missed opportunity.

Its parent – the Commodore 64 classic Paradroid, by Andrew Braybrook – is a perfect example of simple-but-amazingly-compelling gameplay.

This remake pretty much loses everything that made the original great, in spite of original author Braybrook‘s involvement.

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Morpheus, Commodore 64

Andrew Braybrook‘s 1987 release, Morpheus, is a strange mix of space shooter and resource management. Management of your ship’s shield’s mostly, which can be prolonged by adding extra generators, or by building up the size of the hull.

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