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Legend of Mana, PlayStation

Legend of Mana is the fourth game in the Mana series. It was once again directed by Koichi Ishii and was published by Square on CD-ROM for the PlayStation only in 1999.

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Final Fantasy Legend II, Game Boy

This 1991 sequel to the classic Squaresoft RPG Final Fantasy Legend is considered by many to be even better than the first game. And I would have to concur with that view.

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Final Fantasy Legend, Game Boy

Final Fantasy Legend on the Nintendo Game Boy is a game that particularly resonates with me because I remember buying it back in 1989 and playing it to death over the space of six months. Everywhere I went at the time I had my Game Boy, battery pack, and Final Fantasy Legend cartridge, and I would play it whenever I had the time. And when I hear the iconic music playing it takes me back like a time machine…

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Final Fantasy, NES

The very first ever Final Fantasy game was in Japanese only, released for the MSX in 1987. This 1990, NES remake of Final Fantasy was when Squaresoft really made the rest of the world first sit up and take notice.

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