Back To Skool, ZX Spectrum

Dave Reidy‘s sequel to Skool Daze is a brilliant comedy sandbox ‘school simulator’ where you play a kid trying to make his way through a ‘typical’ 1980s school day, by squirting water pistols (sometimes filled with sherry, which can intoxicate teachers, if fired at them accurately), sabotaging school shields (found on some walls), avoiding lines, writing on blackboards, and trying to sneak into the neighbouring girl’s school.

Back To Skool is bigger and more involving than Skool Daze, although it is quite a contained game in the sense that the play area is relatively small, but the great characterisation and challenging tasks make it very much fun to play – still, to this day.

Keith Warrington created the graphics for both Skool Daze and Back To Skool, and it must be said that he did an exceptional job in creating very memorable and characterful visuals.

More: Back To Skool on Wikipedia

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