Skool Daze, ZX Spectrum

Dave Reidy, and his wife Helen (a school teacher at the time), devised and made Skool Daze for Microsphere, way back in 1984.

This memorable ‘school simulator’ was an instant hit with gamers at the time.

In it you took the role of a boy called Eric and had to accomplish various tasks around the school (for example: hitting school shields, dotted around the building, and ultimately: stealing your report card from the staff room safe), while at the same time attending classes and avoiding being given lines by the teachers. When you have accumulated 10,000 lines, the game ends, so avoiding them becomes crucial to beating the game.

Keith Warrington created the exceptional graphics, which have a lot of character. In fact: the whole game is a perfect example of how great characterisation can be derived from just a small amount of pixels.

Skool Daze also spawned a sequel – called Back To Skool – which was even better. Together, both games make a pair of classic, complimentary, early games for the ZX Spectrum, and both are still worth playing even now.

More: Skool Daze on Wikipedia

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