Fire and Ice, Atari ST

Fire and Ice is a platform game designed and programmed by Graftgold in 1992. It features a ‘cool’ coyote traversing a range of themed platform worlds, starting off in icy worlds and moving towards warmer ones nearer the equator.

The coyote can throw ice at opponents to freeze them, and hitting them or jumping on them after will kill them. Well, most of them. You can pick up extra weapons as you progress to make the going easier.

Graphically, Fire and Ice is excellent, with lovely, distinct, colourful backdrops and sprites. Control and movement are very good too. The coyote can move in mid air, and is quick to respond, so is nimble as he jumps. Essential for a game like this.

Fire and Ice isn’t anywhere near Super Mario World standard, but it is an excellent British platform game nonetheless. And on the ST it’s one of the best platformers on the system.

More: Fire and Ice on Wikipedia

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