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The Terminator, Megadrive/Genesis

This 1992 release from Virgin Games is one of a number of video game adaptations of James Cameron‘s famous 1984 sci-fi film, The Terminator.

This particular adaptation was developed by British company Probe Software and is a fairly standard – though fun and playable – run and gun game, flicking through all the major settings of the movie with cut scenes in-between.

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Dan Dare III: The Escape, ZX Spectrum

One of Dave Perry‘s early commercial games, the third Dan Dan Spectrum game was developed by Probe Software, instead of Gang of Five (who did the first two Dan Dare games), and published by Virgin Games in 1990.

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Giants: Citizen Kabuto, PC

This obscure 2000 release from Planet Moon Studios and Interplay pretty much sank without a trace on first release – in spite of being a great game. Thankfully, Giants: Citizen Kabuto has been given a new lease of life, thanks to GOG.com (and other outlets) giving it a re-release, and it seems to have found a new audience. Looking at the reviews on GOG.com in particular it seems that this game is receiving a lot of love.

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