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Strike Fleet, Commodore 64

Strike Fleet is a naval combat simulation developed by Lucasfilm Games and first published by Electronic Arts in 1988. It is the unofficial sequel to the game P.H.M. Pegasus* and it received rave reviews at the time of its original release. * = You can even take control of a Pegasus class craft if you want, which is a classy nod to the game’s predecessor.

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Road Rash II, Megadrive/Genesis

Road Rash II (1992) is an excellent continuation of the Road Rash theme, this time with more variety (you can now kick, as well as punch and use weapons, such as bike chains), and simultaneous two-player, split-screen play.

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Road Rash, Megadrive/Genesis

Electronic Arts1991 release, Road Rash, is a fantastic motorbike racing game where the riders can actually punch each other as they are zooming down the roads.

This is obviously a very dirty trick to either knock other riders off their mount, or to gain some other kind of advantage, but it is allowed in the context of this game and it is hilarious!

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